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  1. His attitude finally comes out. Sad thing every other day he wants paparazzi then the next get away from me His attitude is a yo-yo The paparazzi should not give him time of day his music all sounds alike here recently Shawn Mendes has not taken too spot for me His voice is beautiful 👍🏻🥰

  2. As a photographer, I never heard that many clicks of the shutter when taking a picture … how many pictures do the paparazzi need??? lets see I like this one.. ohh but the one 1/4 second later is better…. no wonder celebs lose it once in awhile..

  3. Fucking losers, how can people do this for a living. who gives a shit about this douche bag, why would you stand around taking his picture

  4. You want to know why this kid is so famous? Little girls are stupid. Never let a woman get power in this country……….Please.

  5. These two are so hilarious….if they are so fed up with the paps they can always move to Canada….do us a favor….maybe obscurity is what they need…so WHY aren't they gone???? Oh….guess they still have to make a living???? Nawwww$$$$$

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